Front of the line

Picture this:

Sunday afternoon, raining heavily outside, TV on in the lounge and mummy has been working on the Sunday lunch for a little over an hour. We are approximately 5 minutes from delivery time.

Hugo had got himself in position number one in the kitchen eagerly awaiting Sunday lunch – that’s right folks, he cannot tell us when he wants to go outside to pee, but can determine the ping of the oven to signify dinner time with incredible accuracy. If he could have reached the surfaces in the kitchen, we are sure that he would have been stuck in helping out…

He then proceeded to pick out the pieces of chicken from his usual dried biscuits with a speed only beate by the pace of rain falling in Ossett tonight. 

Tomorrow morning will return him to disappointment – disappointment of not getting yummy chicken in his breakfast 🙁

It has now been 7 weeks since Hugo joined us and we sadly still have wet patches in the house that we did not have 8 weeks ago – in fact the little bigger actually peed on daddy last night as he was having a cuddles he couch… 🙁 however, we would not be without him and he IS getting better – just learn to tell us when you need to go put PLEASE.


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