En-suite a go-go

This weekend, Uncle Tim has been helping (well doing the driving) daddy remove the old toilet and washbasin etc from the master bedroom en-suite before beginning the build out of the new cabinets and associated goodies to give us a new bathroom.

As we finished up tonight, we have all the old stuff sat in the garage awaiting the mini skip next weekend and the new cabinets are all in place in the en-suite. The new shower control valve is in place and we still need to choose tiles for the shower and also fit the shower pipe and head. We decided to go for a ceiling mounted shower head to maximise the shower function while reducing the need to cut tiles for the shower head etc. hopefully, the new shower pipe will be delivered during the week along with an extra long waste pipe for the toilet pan. 

It is already looking really good but we will need to arrange for a plasterer to come and sort out the holes in the bedroom wall where the British Gas engineer cut to find the leak back in February as well as a few bits within the en-suite itself.

Hopefully next weekend will see the units finished and fully operational together with a fully operational shower and that we have chose some tiles etc.

Then, once a plasterer has been, we can get the tiling done, fix up the skirting boarding, have some flooring laid and re-decorate. So we are probably looking at another month before we are ready to go, but it will be so worth it 🙂

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