Room preparation

Today has been a day of destruction – we have emptied Oliver’s, Elliot’s AND the new office of all furniture and carpets – all in the readiness for Sharps to deliver the goodies next Wednesday so that the fitter can crack on from the 9th Feb.

We have some decorating to do as we will need to replace the skirting boards into Olly’s room before the weekend – repainted of course. Before this we hope to have the walls coated with at least one coats of paint.

The new office is hopefully going to be treated to a new real wood floor to help with castors for new office chairs.

Elliot will be getting his existing carpet back for the time being and Oliver will need new carpet since the old dining room carpet is around 6″ too short 🙁

So Elliot is on the spare room for now and Olly is sleeping on his own mattress in mummy and daddy’s room.

Oh it is all fun at Fork Hall for the next few weeks….

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