1:10am and the littlest Rust has a soaring temperature :-(

Oh oh, at 1:10am mummy was alerted to an issue coming from the bathroom – the littlest had got up to make use of the facilities and was struggling to pull up his panama bottoms. She noticed that he was quite warm so out came the trusty thermometer – 39.8 Celcius – oh CRAP.

S, looks like at least one day off school while we figure out what is wrong 🙁

Poor little monkey isn’t getting any breaks it seems 🙁

1 thought on “1:10am and the littlest Rust has a soaring temperature :-(

  1. We took him to the doctors this morning and he had a pretty thorough check over. Looks like the famous virus has got him… :-). In fairness he has had a two hour sleep this afternoon and hopefully will be better in the morning. Daddy thinks it is just exhaustion that is the issue, mummy is still thinking that the tonsils were not the cause….

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