Where’s my wallet?

Just getting ready for the second swimming trip of the day and a final check to ensure we have everything we need…. “OK, so has anyone seen my wallet?” were the famous words uttered out of Daddy’s mouth. All went quiet….

A swift rip out of everything in the apartment followed….. The usual questions were flowing such as when did you have it last? and what were you doing with it last?

It clearly was not in the apartment after Mummy checked the places that Daddy had already checked – obviously checking that Daddy can actually look….

The last place to check was the onset shop as Daddy had the delicate job of selecting and purchasing the bread rolls for lunch while Mummy escorted the boys back to the apartment.

Yep, the wallet was waiting there – dipstick had just left it on the cashiers desk as he picked up the four bread rolls – a grand value of €1 – leaving almost €400 behind plus bank cards etc – nice work Mr Rust. Thankfully the lady n the counter knew exactly who had left it and kept it for the next hour or so until the pillock figured out where he left it…

Lucky this time….

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