Beach day

We decided to walk the 1km road to the beach this morning – apparently the prettiest beach in the viscinity and known as Smugglers Beach. Well we got about 3/4 of the way there and decided that we had travelled way too far and that we must have head to the wrong place. We trekked back but around the cliffs – fantastic sights but definitely not for flip flops….

Anyway, it pretty quickly became obvious that the first thoughts were indeed correct the first town around to turned around. At this point we had put an extra 1km of rocks onto the walk to the beach.

When we finally found the steps down to the beach we were not disappointed – there was a handy hole that had been hand cut into the rock face and steps inset all the way down to the sand – probably 40 to 50 steps and maybe 150yards of rock face…. Check out the photos below πŸ™‚

The beach was an intimate place that was maybe 150 metres across and maybe the same in depth with only the cut out hole as the means of access. Sadly the water was a little rough for he boys to properly enjoy but we managed a little over a couple of hours nonetheless. Also there was a really cool cutout into the side of the rock face where you could walk up along the side of the cliff and the super adventurous were then jumping into the icy waters below (perhaps 40 or so feet down).

Don’t think we will be going again as it was probably closer to 2 km even without the detour πŸ™

Anyway, check out the photos..




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