Water load of fun

Today we have mostly been playing in the swimming pools 🙂

A leisurely breakfast followed by a quick visit to the local supermarket for pool toys, and then n for a couple of hours in the large swimming pool. Unsurprisingly the large water pistols were broken within the first two or three minutes 🙁 Thankfully Daddy thinks he can fix them with some superglue (let’s just hope he doesn’t fasten his fingers together again this time 🙂 ) so we will need to go shopping again on the way (or back from dinner tonight).

A nice lunch back in the apartment to keep out of the midday sun and then out again to the ocean view pool at the further reach in he complex. It took some finding but was very quiet and secluded down at the bottom and included a little pool that was only about 1 foot deep, so Elliot, Olly and Mummy spent some time playing sharks in that pool.

Thankfully Olly has only needed 2 sets of Calpol today (10 yesterday by way of comparison) so we think is well on the way towards recovery, although as we are getting ready to go out now at nearly 6pm he is demonstrating tiredness along with hunger so we may not make it through dinner yet 🙁

Hopefully there will be no sickness tonight and mummy and daddy are looking forward to a glass or two of vino 🙂

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