Martial Arts

Tonight we head over to the Martial Arts School in Ossett, near the Playstation for the boys to have their first official lesson (we have arranged two free lessons to trial the gig and see if it suits them etched). Elliot (of course) did not want to go at all but once in there, he appeared to LOVE it. He was actually quite well co-ordinated once he got the hang of it.

Oliver on the other hand was not quit so well co-ordinated :-(. He was very funny however. for example, the master asked them to do a couple of punches, then hop about 20 feet before a high five. Well, our little Oliver couldn’t hop so he thought it would help if he held his leg up by grabbing at his sweat pants – but then hopped with BOTH feet at the same time. If only we had taken some video footage 🙂

If they continue with it, they will go twice a week for 30 minutes (5:30pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings) and are good to stay there until they are 7 years old – at which point they would move up to the beginner class that takes place at 6pm on the same nights.

We hope that Elliot wants to continue with it all but are expecting him to not want to continue with it. Oliver has already made it clear that he does not want to do it again 🙁

Incredible really since they both seemed to really enjoy it while they were there. Time will tell….

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