Swimming lessons and play in the park

Today was the boys first swimming lesson at the Ossett Academy – at 9am this morning. Perhaps mummy and (especially) daddy should have eased off on the drinks last night 🙁

We quickly learned that Elliot is a stronger swimmer than we thought and the lessons should help him get stronger and so hopefully he will be in a better position for our holiday in 7 weeks.

Oliver has little co-ordination so he tries hard but seemingly can’t do legs AND arms at the same time :-(. It was a similar story earlier in the week with the Martial Arts. So, we will have our work cut out to help him but he is only 4 so there is plenty of time and opportunities to help 🙂

After a good 30 minute swimming session, we headed out to Thornes Park with the scooters to meet Euan. The boys are getting a little more confident with their scooters and we think it will really help them gain balance skills in readiness for bike riding :-).

The early morning swimming is going to be great as it clearly got us out and about first thing on a Sunday morning rather than loitering at home.

Let’s see how the next few weeks go …..

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