RV Trip – Day 5 – Sea World in San Diego

Today is the only day that we do not have a big travel piece involved as we are staying in the same RV park as we did last night – Mission Bay RV Park.

The main event for today was Sea World (http://seaworldparks.com/seaworld-sandiego)

It was all of about 3 miles from the RV park so mega short commute today 🙂

We managed to get in for Clyde and Seamore’s Spooky Adventure (Sealions and Otters) first thing, then onto The Shamu Show: One Ocean straight afterwards.  The Shamu show was very good and despite being right in the middle of the splash zone, we seemed to manage to avoid getting wet.

Blue Horizons show (Dolphins) was really good as there was a show put on with the majority of it being human swimmers etc and also included other animals such as birds.

We finished the day off with a visit to Chili’s (after having found a HSBC to put the cheque in the bank from the security deposit from the white house – driving a 34 ft RV through the main streets of the city of San Diego was fun….) and then picked up some Krispy Creme doughnuts for desert :-).

Olly has been a  little monkey nearly all day – screaming and carrying on if he was NOT doing what he wanted.  If we let him run around without a care, then all was good.  Oh my, we are going to have fun with the littlest Rust boy….

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