Out on the bike…

Simon has managed to get out on the bike tonight – 12 miles in 50 minutes – not bad for an unfit, fat git πŸ™‚Β  Didn’t quite manage to get all the way to the reservoir though – he is OK until the hills appear πŸ™

A nice Filet on the grill tonight – even managed to have salad that was picked up from Trader Joe’s πŸ™‚

Simon was driving up to a hotel near the airport at San Francisco today, when a damned mud flap from a truck fell off……yes that’s right readers, and STRUCK the front of the date car !! πŸ™

Thankfully the damage was cosmetic, and so with a little persuasion, the front bumper is now pulled back into shape and the marks that were left behind have come off cleanly.Β  The cleaning process did point out that there is a stone chip (unrelated incident) on the front bumper (other side of car to the mud flap) πŸ™

Hoping somewhat that there is NO damage under the car – it bumped all the way back until it came out the back πŸ™

Simon is really missing the boys and Vicky – can’t wait until next Monday evening…. See you soon guys – all my love xxx oooo

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