All back today :-)

Vicky and the boys and Grandma and Granddad are presently sat on a flight somewhere over Illinois on their way to San Francisco.  It is going to be a very long day as each flight has been delayed – the first by 40 minutes and the second by almost 2 hours 🙁

Olly has apparently had a high temperature (39 degrees) on the Manchester to New York leg and the seating arrangements have not been ideal.  It probably won’t go down as the best flight ever, but in 3 hours time it will feel like it when we are all together again :-).

Simon has managed to get both cars at the airport ready for collection duty even though V probably won’t really feel up to driving back home after the long day that they have endured.  The good news is that there is a nice bottle of Californian Cabernet sat airing on the breakfast bar at home 🙂

Simon has been busy washing, ironing and generally cleaning the house in preparation for the arriving family, although we only have 36 hours there as we are jetting off to Hawaii – NICE.

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