Strange being alone in the hite house…

Simon has spent three nights alone in the white house and is finding it really strange.  He went out cycling on Sunday and did about 13 miles around the area, and will need to get out doing this more frequently as he definitely felt good for having done it.

Not sure how easy this will be when the family get back here though….

The countdown to Hawaii is now on – in just over 7 days we will be flying out there 🙂  Even better news – in just over 6 days, the family will be back together again 🙂 YAY!!

Simon is liking the new office location – only takes 15 minutes each way to get to and from the place now 🙂  Travelled as the peak of rush hour last night and there was little additional traffic causing the journey to be a little over 20 mins – ace 🙂

Roll on the 9th….

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