Delayed Birthday Celebrations (weather related) Happy Birthday Granddad :-)

We all wish you a wonderful 42nd birthday – even though it is 3 days late 🙂

We managed to get the US Visa application photographs taken successfully today, so we are just awaiting Daddy’s and Olly’s passports to arrive and then we will be ready to rock and roll.

The snow is still here just in case you were wondering – we think a little has now melted but the drive and road out to the main road is still white and very slippery.  The car is actually struggling more today than it did when the snow fell initially.

The last few nights has seen the temperature drop to under -5 degrees Celsius here in Ossett, and has been as low as -13 degrees over near Manchester.  Frighteningly cold that 🙁

Elliot looks so grown up in his school uniform – we will take a picture and post it for all to see what we mean.

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