Finding a realtor in CA

We have now been in contact with a realtor in the bay area who now has as many bits of information as Simon could jot down.  We are now simply awaiting them to get back to us with what they propose that we do and what it will cost us.  They seem to charge anywhere between $500 and $1000 per day for their “services” and hopefully they will be advising us of what those services are.  The alternative is to go through good ld Craig’s list a few days before setting off and arranging our own viewings etc.  Incidentally we will probably do that as well.

Simon’s car is in being repaired following the little scuff it was treated to on New Year’s Eve 🙁  Should be back in our custody by tomorrow afternoon.

Simon and Oliver’s passports came through a couple of days ago and Grandma has kindly offered to sort out the ESTA online for us all.  We have also got through a date for the interview at the US embassy – Vicky and Simon need to attend – the boys are not needed since they are under 14.  SO, with luck, we will be mostly sorted before the end of January and then hopefully we will just need to get the paperwork in the passports and we will be all set.  Just got the house here in the UK to figure out – rent or leave empty.

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