Olly’s FIRST tooth comes through AND Elly’s FIRST day at school

Olly’s first tooth has cut through today – it is on his lower jaw, on his right and is the first tooth from the middle 🙂 Sharp little bugger mind 🙁

Dimplewell School was open today so Elliot’s first day at big school took place today instead of yesterday.  Daddy is a little disappointed since he was available to go to day 1 yesterday but had to be in the office today 🙁

Uncle Tiggy is going to look after Pepsi and Max when we go house hunting at the end of next month as a trial run for long term residential care 🙂

The main roads all seem clear now, and the motorways are certainly all sorted – it actually feels as though Ossett has had significantly more snow than any of the neighbouring towns / villages.

Apparently there is more snow scheduled for landing tomorrow afternoon and evening.  Hopefully it will begin to fall just as Simon gets home from work….

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