More snow than we know what to do with

It stopped snowing for almost 24 hours but began again about 2 hours ago – just slowed up a little now – a further 1/2 inch dropped.  We have probably had close on 9 inches of snow in total now.

This is definitely the most snow that Simon has seen since he was a little boy in Halifax.  When the dogs go into their compound, the snow is way over their “knees” – is v funny seeing them hop around until they get used to the coldness.

Simon managed to get the car stuck at the bottom of the drive today when trying to reverse up the drive!!! He had dug two good tracks down to the end of Turner Close last night (and salted it) but these had covered over and had been slightly abused by the vehicles that had been entering and exiting the close.  So he ended up clearing most of the snow on the circle at the bottom of the drive – after driving onto a neighbours drive and taking a reversed run up 🙂

The 7 series is pretty OK going forwards in the snow but has proven to be not great on slightly compressed snow in reverse.

The 5 series has stayed indoors – it is no use in either direction 🙁

We spoke to Tim last night – he has suggested that he would like to take on two houseguests when we head out to California in a couple of months.  This is a pretty major undertaking for him since there are two of them, and Pepsi is not in the best condition with his poorly legs.  We are thinking that it might be a smart idea to take them up to Tim while we are house hunting in CA in a few weeks time – that way he can “test drive” the pair of them 🙂

We took the 7 series to a local garage (that was recommended to us by the Dent guy that fixed up the 5 series dents last year) and he reckons is 3 days work – Simon took a deep breath thinking that this was for some reason going to be expensive 🙁 Turns out it will cost £110 all in – job’s a good ‘un. It goes in next Weds for the rest of the week.

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