OK, so the “proper” snow fall has begun

We had a small amount of snow fall on New Years Day here in Ossett, which stayed put for 4 days since the temperature did not really get above 0 degrees Celsius.  In fact, on Monday morning, Simon set out to work and it was -4.5 degrees at home and when passing by Manchester he noted that it was actually -8 degrees near Bury !!!

Today, Simon set off for work at 6:20 am (ish) and got to the Yorkshire side of Manchester effortlessly, then found that the snow levels rose from almost none at all to 6 inches in the right hand lane of the motorway and 4 inches on the other two lanes…  There were just three sets of tracks in the snow, and when Simon heard a news bulletin from Leeds suggesting people had begun abandoning cars, he decided to turn back.  So, it took 2 hours and 40 minutes to go precisely NOWHERE.

To top it off, the bin lorry had got stuck on our street so Simon had to leave the car 100 yards form the house.

It is now lunchtime and the snow has not stopped and there is almost 6 inches on the walls / fences / gazebos and people’s driveways.

Vicky had to go food shopping armed with a warm coat and a sledge.  The sledge was to bring the provisions home, not to go hooning around on the slopes… 🙂

It looks like this will be set in for some time – so Elliot’s first day at school may actually NOT be tomorrow after all – the local schools are all closed 🙁

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