Daddy’s home :-)

Simon got home from VMworld (San Francisco) late on Friday evening.  Elliot seemed VERY pleased to see daddy – even more pleased when the presents came out.  Even Oliver smiled when he woke up to see his daddy’s ugly mug – Vicky had said that it was the first time he had smiled all week 🙁

Poor little soul has had a bad week this week it seems – Vicky took him to the hospital at 2am on Thursday morning – he had a temperature of almost 40 degrees Celsius = not good at all.  Anyway, with calpol plus stronger paracetamol, he is pretty much under control now thankfully.  Since Simon has got back, we have endured two nights of being up 4 times and then 2 times in the night – apparently this is WAY better than before Simon came home 🙁  Poor Vicky has not really got more than 45 minutes of continuous sleep for almost a whole week….

We are definitely on the mend now, and so we went out yesterday to Sheffield and daddy and Elliot when to Monkey Bizness with Granddad (who just slept the whole time 🙂 ) while mummy went shopping with Grandma and Oliver and went to see Debbie (one of Jane’s friends from University) who Vicky has only just re-located via facebook (or one of those other web 2.0 things).

Today is a pyjama day for all of us – and Elliot asked to wear underpants and not a nappy this morning 🙂 It is only 2pm presently and he has only had one accident so far – plus a sprinkle before he could get to the potty.  We are really pleased and very proud of him to want to crack on with it.

We are trying to plan out what to do for Elliot’s 3rd birthday the week after next – that’s right 3RD !!!! where did the time go?

Simon has finally broken and signed up to twitter – he can be found at @SimonARust – missed out on his usual user name since somebody else already had it….Can’t be THAT many Simon Rust’s in the world can there? Vicky would certainly suggest there could only be ONE 🙂 or should that be 🙁

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