Bumper, fun packed weekend :-)

It’s 9pm on Sunday night and we have just got the boys in bed having bathed just 30 minutes ago.  We only got back home at 8pm.

We have had a really busy fun filled weekend with just a couple of issues – read on….

On Saturday, we head down to Thomas Land, in Drayton Manor Park in Tamworth with the Giarlettas.  It was a wonderfully hot day with no signs of clouds all day.  We were a little late in setting off and then there were mega road works on the M1 motorway so we were nearly 45 minutes late in arriving. The to top it off, we had only been in there just over an hour, we had almost completed lunch and then it happened….. Elliot got stung by a wasp on the front of his middle finger of his left hand.  It took TWO hours before he had stopped crying and got over it 🙁  At the time of the incident, his finger and then his hand swelled up, and his whole arm got very warm 🙁 This lasted about 10 minutes and the finger stayed swollen for another 20 minutes.

In fairness, the wasps were everywhere- by lunchtime we had definitely seen more wasps than the whole rest of the year up until that point…

Once he did get over it, we had an ace time on the rollercoaster, the Harold helicopter ride, the Percy train from Tidmouth up to Knapford Station, playing with Spencer at the playground, and then finally driving Terrence the tractor (although Elliot was a bit too too tired by this time).  Both boys were alseep before we found the motorway on the way home.

Then, on Sunday we went with Rebecca, Alicia and Tyler to Sundown Adventure Land in Retford.  Again the weather was fabulous and the kids had an absolute ball.  The boys played in the sand for over an hour and a half, then we had lunch, we played in and around the little houses, followed the yellow brick road, checked out some houses of the likes of the three little pigs, and jack from the Jack and the Beanstalk story etc.   We went on the barrel ride (water ride) and got wet – Elliot and Tyler were very much not impressed with that ride it seems 🙁

We went on the Robin Hood ride, the Railroad train ride and then finished up with an hour in the Fort Apache.

.All the kids had a great time and I am sure will all sleep VERY well tonight 🙂

I wish we could spend more weekends like this one – it really has been fantastic.

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