Our eldest little boy is growing up…

So, Elliot is now through his third day of wearing underpants, and while he has had a few accidents, he is doing really really well.  He has been to nursery today and did not wear nappies while there.  He has also delivered a #2 in the potty this evening.  Mummy and daddy were really pleased when this occured.

Oliver is back to normal now and is smiling away when daddy comes home – he slept through again last night which is GREAT news – we were definitely beginning to worry about a new schedule that perhaps Oliver was priming us for 🙂

We are booked to go and see a Milkshake! Live show in Edinburgh at the weekend so will be heading up there on Saturday or Sunday.  The daddy has a week vacation next week so we are hoping to do a few days out – like a train ride out etc.

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