No change, really … :-(

Simon’s turn in staying up feeding etc last night – Oliver unloaded most of his 4oz feed on Vicky @ 11pm.  BIG clear up job – is amazing how far the splashes actually get.  There were four individual jets of spew made their way north of Oliver’s throat and then spread out evenly over the bedroom floor.  V thankful for laminate flooring 🙂

Simon managed to get wind out after just about 1 hour of attempts, and so got to sleep just after 1:15am.  We were up again @ 4:40am, and asleep by 6:15am following a 1oz unload.  Awake @ 8:30 am for more milk.  It definitely felt like Simon was simply loading a milk regurgitating machine / pistol overnight 🙁

Vicky went out to get some Dr Browns bottles to give those a try, since we have read that these should help.

Following feed #1 with those bottles, we are still unloading the milk and while it does not feel as much as overnight, it is definitely a whole heap more than two weeks ago.

Gut feeling is that he has a similar cold to the one that Elliot and Mummy have presently.

The really irritating factor is that we can get plenty of wind out at half time, but it seems that when the final whistle goes at full time, he is only interested in leaving the field and not the wind.

We continue to persist…..

Elliot is definitely feeling better today, although is not entirely rid of the cough etc.

Granny Rust (and gang) came over today to see the boys.  Think they found the most amusing part was when Oliver unloaded 20% of his lunch onto the dog.  The dog (Max) was not in the slightest bit bothered it seemed, and actually was rather surprised to find a source of nourishment on his right hand side of his coat.  Pepsi also found this new food source appealing…… NICE !

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