Still sicky, sicky, sicky…

Simon has been up to Edinburgh this week on Monday and Tuesday, and typically Elliot has picked up a nasty little cold and cough, and Oliver has continued with his sickyness.

We decided to swap back to the SMA Gold to try ot reduce the sick – the great news is that it hasn’t really worked 🙁

Fortunately it is not every feed that he unloads, but it does seem all too regular.  The little monkey is awfully pleased with himself following the unloading exercise.

The health visitor that Vicky took Oliver to see today (OK so it can’t be a health visitor given that they are not actually visiting 🙂 ) was not particularly helpful when Vicky asked for advice on how to handle the sickness issue.  The good news is that he has put a good amount of weight on in the last two weeks – he weighs in at 9lbs 14oz today – 13oz up on two weeks ago 🙂  So the sickness is clearly not having a significant negative impact.

The damned Conservatory is still leaking – the guy came round today, and tried to make an excuse why he couldn’t look at it solo – Vicky was not having any of it, and so he did take a look, and found the leaking component – we even had to suggest using the hose pipe to mimic rain water to see if he could figure out where it came from – it worked (surprise !) and he has now sealed the area off, and will (apparently) be back on Monday to put the internal trims back on.

We went to Nursery last night to parents evening – our VERY FIRST parents evening.  Elliot is doing pretty well – he is slowly getting involved in group things, but still will not wear an apron or join in with the sing along sessions.  Sounds awfully like Simon when he was young … 🙁  He also is not keen on books it seems !!! He LOVES books – we definitely could not understand that so we have agreed to take some of his books from home in to nursery.   He is also learning to share toys and apparently understands rules and why they are important – he is not sharing that understanding with us at home quite as well 🙂  We are also considering extending his stays to one and a half full days – up from two half days.

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