Oliver *might* need an operation :-(

So following a lot more sickliness over the last couple of days, we decided that it would be smart to go and see the doctor.  Something is clearly not right and while we have definitely over considered the whole affair, Vicky decided to get him in to see the doctor today.  The prognosis is that there is a very real possibility that the little guy has Pyloric Stenosis.  He has what ????  Well, one of Simon’s cousins had a similar complication when he was just a few days old, and apparently this is a hereditary situation.

We are now waiting to hear from a paediatrician to see what happens next.  In the mean time we will be getting onto BUPA to see if we can move the situation forward to get the poor little guy out of the pain that he is so clearly in.  As a point in case, he has begun to get really quite upset just after bringing the milk (+ stomach acids) back up.  Can’t say we are surprised really – this is stomach acid that is coming up – so it really must be burning the passages all the way up.  It is certainly getting stronger in stench as the days are passing by.

The good news is that we already decided to cut the quantity of milk but increase the frequency of delivery – this is clearly a smart strategy if the diagnosis is confirmed.

The bad news – this is only going to get worse until the operation clears the issue up, and following which normal service could be resumed 🙂

Will update as soon as we know more…..

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