Good Friday – already ! – oh, and Simon’s back from US trip #2

The great news was that Elliot didn’t ask about his presents when Simon got home this morning 🙂 Hopefully, this is the last US trip for a few months.

Vicky saw the midwife midweek this week, and it seems that little Oliver is getting the idea – he now appears to have his head in the right place and his body just needs to follow – although apparently this will be very painful for Vicky while he tries 🙁 The midwife has suggested that Oliver could arrive at anytime now, so Vicky has got their hospital bag packed ready to go.

We have been out today to an indoor play centre in Sheffield – Monkey Bizness is the name of the place.  It was big and Elliot loved it – so much so that he asked (after about 1 hour 15 mins) to go to Oliver’s house as he was tired 🙂   Vicky and Simon agreed that while it was nearer and a little bigger than the centre we went to over New Year with Jon, Vickii and Mia, the place in Doncaster is still slightly better 🙂

Simon is looking forward to some sleep tonight – he has flown over the Atlantic 4 times in just over 10 days – tiredness is definitely kicking in 🙁

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