Happy Easter everyone

The weather is average, it’s another Bank Holiday 🙂

Elliot did a little Easter Egg Hunt this morning and almost got into the flow of it – he ended up wanting to see the “playground” more than finish off with the egg collection. 🙂

We then took him swimming at Grandmas and he has spent much of the afternoon playing out in the garden – the sun actually came out for a few hours this afternoon.

We ended up fighting with Elliot as he was v tired and didn’t want to come back inside – we ended up relenting and letting him have his “doo-doo” and “bye byes” to relax.  He ended up asking for his co-co and then to go to bed.  He was in bed by 6:30 and needed 2 stories from mummy and two from daddy – then he went to sleep in super quick time. Sleep tight little mouse….

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