Daddy’s home from a trip to the US – Elliot’s first and only question – “can I have my presents now?”

The little monkey was only interested in any presents that Daddy brought home from San Francisco 🙁  Very interesting that he remembered that there had been a promise of a potential present supply when daddy came home. Guess it will be even more interesting if he asks for his present(s) after daddy comes home from New York next Friday….. Daddy will have started something dangerous if he does ask….

Simon is feeling tired today – he flew back from San Francisco overnight and only got about 3 to four hours sleep.  He heads out to New York on Monday for 4 days.  That should then be it for a little while.

Handy, given that Oliver has turned transverse in Mummy’s tummy – means that he will have to come out by knife if he doesn’t get himself sorted out and into the right position soon. Might be having a designer birthday yet 🙂

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