Can we go swimming again mummy? pllleeeeeaaaaassssee?

This morning we took Elliot swimming again, and he did two lengths !!! He is really energetic about going swimming – in fact the swimming seems to have taken precedence over the jumping in from the edge today 🙂

He is asleep in the car presently – we guess he will stay there asleep for a couple of hours – he really got a proper workout – we swam for 40 minutes and he really didn’t stop – his little legs going ten to the dozen 🙂

We are wondering how soon it will be before he can actually swim without the armbands – given that this is only his forth trip in 3 weeks, and he is already capable of being on his own for two lengths + ….. We did get some video footage although it looks a bit dark – we will see if we can enhance it to be more clear

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