Great start to the week….

Vicky managed to get a socially distant vet appointment for Fred since his left rear leg is not getting any better.

A 5 minute checkup gave the wonderful news 🙁 Accordingly he has torn a ligament in his knee and it sadly won’t repair itself. In fact it likely will get worse as it rips completely and in a strange turn it will be less painful once it tears fully. However he will become totally lame in that leg at that time.

His option really is about an operation that essentially will remove the ligament and fix the knee to have a replacement architected “joint” that will repair the knee, allowing near full operation and remove the pain. The great news is that it is super likely that the other knee on his rear right leg will do the same in a couple years – oh and the not so great news – £3,000 a knee !!!! Nice 👍 

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