Busy time in lockdown…

We have had a busy start to this week of school holidays.

Vicky has been busy painting the garden furniture and Simon has been busy in the garage. We now have a doorway in between the old garden storage area and the office – in readiness for making it into two offices OR an office and a gym.

Also, half of the garden store is prepped for drywall along with power and networking AND preparation for underfloor heating.

Next job is to prepare the walls in the main office with timber for drywall. To do this we need to manoeuvre the office furniture around to remove some / all of the existing flooring = a BIG job.

Finally we need to find a supplier of drywall plus more timber and other goodies to either deliver to the house or click and collect.

It will be terrific when done but seems to be a much bigger job than we first thought…..

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