Fun in cuckoo land

This last week has not been great fun for Granny Cuckoo.

She received a call from the GP inviting her down to A&E as a blood test result was not showing great results.

36 hours later she was in Huddersfield Infirmary having drains fitted to her pretty badly swollen (2x and 3x) kidneys. They had effectively stopped working so her blood was relatively quickly poisoning her 🙁

This was all a week ago and now she is looking WAY better but still has some distance to cover – I.e more food needs eating and liquids drinking as the shrunk kidneys need kickstarting back into life.

Hopefully she is able to go home later today, although it will be short lived as a return is on the cards for around a month to have the drains removed and the stents (that perhaps caused the whole thing) replaced.

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