Burn baby, burn….

This week Simon has had to stay at home as he could not travel due to the exit hole issues 🙁

A positive to this is that he has managed to keep the garden burn bin going all week long and has therefore got through all four bags of garden waste over the week – on top of this the majority of the wood that was left over from the previous owners shed that fell apart. The last burning took place yesterday afternoon and the bin is STILL very hot – the ash will be applied into the composting area tomorrow assuming that it has suitable cooled by then.

Separated, Simon has applied several nice blisters on his hands this afternoon by using two bags of cold tarmac repair to fill the worst of the holes in the front driveway – fingers crossed that the neighbours realise that the spots really need to be avoided for the next day or so.

Hopefully the patches will dry in well and give us a few years of protection – a new drive would be a costly upgrade.

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