25 years on…

A quarter of a century has passed since dad departed our world – while we don’t think of him everyday, we know his wisdom lives on in all of us. My boys recognise his picture instantly, although they never knew him nor will they ever understand why he is not with us all.

We have been reading some of the wonderful messages from various friends and families who had differing levels of touch with him over the years – it is truly wonderful to read these messages and for such vivid images and recollections to still be available to people is truly touching.

It all gives perspective to our usual and ordinary lives in a special way. 

Dad, it goes without saying that we all miss you (even my own boys who never met you) and we will continue to do our best to use the wisdom and skills that you gave to us and of course pass it on to the best of our ability to those around us.

See you again soon 🙂

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