Dishwasher not broken afterall

So, 2 months after the dishwasher started tripping the electrics, Simon decided it was time to remove it and get a replacement sorted.

The strange thing was that upon final test before unplugging from the water and waste, Simon decided to give it one last go. Strangely it was dead and wouldn’t even switch on. So out came the trusty mains tester screw driver to try to ascertain where the power fault was – following 30 minutes of checking and re-testing the screwdriver to ensure that it actually worked, it transpired that the problem was quite an embarrassing one. Some of the crockery in the cupboard to the left of the dishwasher had slipped and inadvertently switched off the plug (that Simon was not aware of existing – clearly had been installed by the kitchen fitters when the kitchen was upgraded 4 years ago!!!!) and hence power was not being supplied to the dishwasher.

Once switched on, all was well and the rinse programme worked just fine. So next was to try a usual wash and surprise surprise it worked just fine too.

Therefore Simon surmises that the crockery had possibly got the switch in a half on half off scenario and the load (when the water heater kicked in on the dishwasher) was causing a surge that the plug handled badly.

So, we are now 500UKP better off as a new washer appears to not yet be required and Simon is no longer required to wash dished 5 times a day 🙂


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