Fantastic Weekend in Bridlington

We have just returned from a fantastic 4 day / 3 night stay in a wonderful house in Bridlington to celebrate Caroline’s 40th birthday.

We all arrived at the John Bull Rock Factory on Friday lunchtime for a bite to eat in the cafe, followed by a tour of the rock factory (and roll our own rock šŸ™‚ ), before a quick hour in the play centre for the kids to burn off excess energy. Finally at around 4pm, we headed to the house – Foremans Cottage near the town of Bridlington – a house that would be home for the following 3 nights and that could comfortably fit all 10 of us šŸ™‚

The house was immaculate and we immediately all felt at home with the kids all disappearing off to play and explore the rooms while the adults flipped coins to determine who was going to sleep in which rooms before unpacking and preparing dinner and beers / wine šŸ™‚

On Saturday the girls all went out for a 4 hour Spa session at a nice Hotel Spa in Scarborough and the boys (and kids) off into Bridlington for some time on the beach. Of course Elliot almost immediately got himself soaked in the waves as per usual šŸ™‚ The boys cricketed for around an hour with Gracie and Jessica while Elliot and Oliver played with the sand toys and (of course) water. Lunch was of course Fish and Chips and the boys then head over to Scarborough to find the restaurant (where we would have dinner later) to deliver some party goodies (balloons etc).

We all met up again at the cottage at around 3pm to relax a little before heading out to dinner for a 6pm start. Just before departing Simon got the Parrot AR Drone out – flew it for all of 4 minutes and the wind caught hold of it and whipped it away into the farmers fields over the barn by the side of the house. After checking with the farmer that it would be OK to try to find it, Lee and Simon went in search – no avail. They even searched for 40 minutes the following day covering about a square mile – no joy šŸ™ Oh well, the thing only seemingly was getting used once a year so tough luck…

Dinner at Giovanni’s in Scarborough was lovely and we were soon back in the cottage for more wine šŸ™‚ We learned about shimmying up on Saturday night as well šŸ™‚  

On Sunday we all went out for a lovely walk in the morning (lots of whinging from the kids – tired legs. bored etc etc) and we covered about 4 or 5 miles across the fields near the house. Then in the afternoon the sun came out and we all played swingball and various other games outside with (you guessed) it more beer and wine flowing. It turned out to be one of the nicest (if not THE nicest) weather days of 2015 so far and it was certainly the nicest day of 2015 – very relaxing in the sunshine in peace and tranquility with great friends.

Monday soon came around and was pack up day as we needed to be out of the cottage by 10am, so we head back into Bridlington for some arcade fun – well we thought it would be fun but of course those grabbing machines became our evil enemy causing all but one of the kids to shed tears due to not winning anything…. We will never learn from our mistakes with these things…

A quick game of crazy golf for the kids and lunch and it was soon time to head home. We nipped over to Flamborough Head to checkout the lighthouse quickly before venturing onto the roads home.

The journey back was pretty eventless and relatively quick (certainly quicker than our trip in the opposite direction just 4 days earlier) and we are not nicely relaxed and ready for a mega sleep tonight before work re-commences in the morning.

Massive thanks to the mummies for arranging the weekend and to the kids for behaving almost impeccably all weekend. Here’s to doing it again soon šŸ™‚

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