Leaky pipes

Sadly last week Vicky noticed the carpet in the bedroom was reasonably wet near the en-suite so left a towel on it to soak up the moisture. The moisture removed was quickly replaced with yet more moisture so when Simon got back from London on Thursday, we lifted the carpet in the little ante room area – to find that the carpet was indeed rather wet, the underlay saturated and in time we saw that water was slowly pooling up from the corner of the en-suite room door. Kind of drip by drip but it was certainly filling.

So, we called on the services of the British Gas insurance policy that we have and if it weren’t for the school run, they would have arrived some 45 minutes after making the call – WOW.

Anyway, we now have three large holes in the wall behind the shower (in the bedroom) and the shower unit has been capped off – basically the inlet (cold) to the shower tap was dripping. It has likely been leaking for between a week and a fortnight as the insulation first needed to be saturated before the water would seep out to the bedroom itself 🙁

So, we are now drying the carpet out on the heated conservatory flooring, hoping that we were quick enough with it. The underlay is still in situ and we will simply have to take a call on it in the coming days as to whether to just simply have it replaced.

We are now going to get some quotes for;

  1. Simple repair of what we have
  2. Full price for en-suite upgrade

Then we can make a call as to whether we want to give up on a family holiday to have a new ensuite in place….

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