The holiday is coming to an end…

After 4 weeks away (2 for daddy) it is Time to head home. We are presently sat in Terminal 7 of LAX in Los Angeles awaiting the plane to arrive in readiness for our flight back to London in a little under two hours time.

We had a LOT of fun inside the California Adventure Park managing a whole 10.5 hours in the park – having started shortly after 8am. We then had dinner in downtown Disney and went up to watch the water show from the special hotel balcony (one of the many advantages of staying in the exorbitantly priced Disney hotel).

The Cars Racers ride is truly awesome and well worth the visit alone in many respects. We actually did VERY well and got onto all of our needed rides in the time we were there with very little queuing πŸ™‚

The last night was a bit of a flop as we trusted the Chilis website to lead us to dinner – nope big mistake. Then tried Outback statehouse to find we selected badly as there were hundreds of people also in search of dinner – so we ended up with In n Out picnic in the car πŸ™‚

A nice big breakfast in the room this morning followed by a packing up session and here we are…. A very kind chap saw us making our way through the car park at Hertz and offered to drop us off in a personal trip to the United checkin desks – ie without our needing to use the bus transportation – For. The. Win πŸ™‚

Now just a short 12 hours on board the 747 takin us back to Heathrow πŸ™‚

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