They are off to SFO

It has been a long 24 hours but Vicky and the boys are now just under 3 hours from landing in San Francisco. On Friday night we had tears from Oliver as he realised that daddy wasn’t going to California with them, then this morning over breakfast Elliot was a little tearful, however they both soon got back onto the right track given their excitement levels πŸ™‚

The hotel was very well located so we were able to sit in the sunshine yesterday evening (daddy with a nice cold beer) while Olly watched the planes landing nearby πŸ™‚

We sort of managed to get some sleep (given the excitement levels in the boys) and then got over to the airport in good time.

Simon got a call from Vicky an hour or so after leaving them to find that Olly thinks he left his favourite green blanket at the hotel. Simon called the hotel and they said they would look for it and call later. The call did come about two hours later with no solid news and that they would call back later…. Simon decided to go back to the hotel in person to see if he could push it on…. Sadly the blanket has not shown up and we are now waiting to see if it got mixed up with the linens heading for the wash….

It has been a sad day for daddy really as he left the family at 7:50 this morning as they skipped into the security area of Heathrow’s terminal 2, then spent the day walking to the Westfield shopping centre from Ealing (and back again).

Daddy is now watching the flight online an looking forward to hearing that they all arrived safely and that their holiday has started πŸ™‚

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