Daddy staying in a caravan in London this week

Daddy is trying out the EasyHotel group this week in the Earls Court area of London.  From the outside the hotel looks like any ordinary London 4 storey house, but once inside, it becomes a rabbit warren of corridors and bright orange room doors.  When he stepped inside his room on the top floor, (very steep steps so he was pleased he only had two small bags with him) the door opened inwards and there was just enough room to step inside.  The door needed closing to be able to get into the bathroom (which is just a small plastic cubicle that has clearly been delivered in once piece and carefully placed into the room.

Basically the entire room is reminiscent of a static caravan bedroom in that it is about the same size, the bed being a 3/4 sized item fitting almost exactly to the width of the room and the bathroom adding to the length.  There are just two coat hooks so daddy was pleased he took a hangar with him 🙂

Ultimately it is a £30 room so can’t complain really – but certainly wouldn’t want to stay there more than a couple of nights 🙂


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