Daddy’s Journey to Work

Fortunately daddy was scheduled to drive to London this morning as there has been a predicted storm for the last few days for this morning.

It transpires that the railway line at Peterborough is as far south as we can go from Yorkshire today (due to trees having fallen on the line and overhead power cables just south of there). As a result daddy would not have been getting to London today.

He was already taking the car so that was one issue averted – however once he got to Luton, the stop start traffic began. It continued that was pretty much the whole way into the office in Ealing – taking some 2.5 hours for that particular leg of the journey.

As a result it took just a smidge over 5 hours to make the drive and of course there are no chances to sleep (as there are on the train) so something tells us that daddy will be TIRED later 🙁

The traffic was so slow in fact, that daddy reports he was able to change in the car in the traffic on the M1 safely and in fact without the engine running – apparently nobody noticed his doing this but….

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