Lounge complete :-)


As you can see, we decided to go for it – took a few days given the other things we have had on but the results are pretty good, although I think we have seen enough of paintbrushes and wallpaper for a little while 🙂

This paper was a bit more difficult to match up than the rest as the flocking needed to go a certain way and the paper itself was less inclined to be moved once in situ.

Anyway, I think we have proven that we can put up wallpaper relatively successfully (as well as take it down again – that bit is not much fun though). The port / burgundy colour we have put on the two walls adjoining the feature wall was a bugger to find – we needed up with one of the Dulux colours that they mix in store and even then it took four coats to get it right…. :-(. Not looking forward to trying to paint that lighter in the future – will be a swine to cover over given its deep colour….

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