Roald Dahl Day

Tomorrow is Roald Dahl Day so Silcoates Juniors are all dressing up in their favourite characters for a little bit of fun. We thought it would be kind of ironic for Elliot to go in as The BFG (he towers above most if not all of his classmates) and incredibly not only is he up for it, he is really looking forward to dressing up.

So, with a little work, a pair of large latex ears, a large latex bald cap and some cotton wool, we have prepared a rather fetching hat to create Elliot’s BFG costume. Together with an old pair of green jeans, a school shirt and a waistcoat from a different costume we have a fantastic looking BFG. Then we bought a polly pocket doll to go in his shirt pocket as ‘Sophie’ and a snozzcumber to take as well, the illusion is complete. Check it put below without Sophie or the snozzcumber…

Daddy is actually disappointed that he will not be able to go into school in the morning as he has an interview – good luck daddy 🙂


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