Better day today – well most of it…

Following a good 14 hours of sleep (only woke 4 times) we have had the best day for a week 🙂

Olly requested McDonalds for lunch so we had a little road trip and took a drive through so that Olly didn’t mix with others etc. He asked for Chicken Nuggets AND a Cheeseburger – he proceeded to eat it all before we got back home 🙂

He has had a great day up until dinner time, when he reverted to the undesirable attitude 🙁

Cayton and Paula came to visit for a few hours is afternoon and the boys played inside and out (back garden only of course) as well as Elliot introducing Cayton to online minecraft with Tyler. Cayton was as unimpressed as Oliver is with it…. 🙂

Olly has finally gone to bed having had a little meltdown after dinner (well he wouldn’t eat dinner) and we think it is because he had almost depleted his calpol / ibuprofen supply. hopefully another good night and a great day beckons…

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