Groundhog Day

The last two mornings have started in exactly the same way:

6:30am Olly awoke crying in pain having wriggled around in mummy and daddy’s bed for the last 4 or so hours. His throat clearly dry and his drugs clearly out of his system 🙁

It took us around 10 to 15 minutes to persuade him to take the calpol to help manage the pain and then around 40 minutes to take a drink…. He is still not keen at all on the Fruit Shoot drinks – because it was the first drink we gave him on Friday morning and he has now associated Fruit Shoot with extreme pain in his mouth. Not so great news given that we bought four large trays of them for him a week ago in anticipation of the need for more fluids than usual….

He is certainly eating much better today – although eating has not been the challenge this last couple of days so long as we let it be under Olly’s terms (not a problem at this stage).

He has eaten two pancakes for breakfast this morning so we are VERY pleased so far…

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