Clumber Park Day

Yesterday we visited Clumber Park in Worksop, Nottinghamshire with Elliot’s class friend Jessica and her parents. We have never been there before but will most certainly go back there with bikes and picnic etc again.

The weather held out until the moment we were leaving (the heavens opened on us as we drove out onto the road just outside the park) so that was pretty much perfect.

Sadly Olly was not on good form yesterday as he had several mini-meltdowns and one pretty major meltdown during the trip – all pretty much about nothing 🙁

We played cricket, football, tennis and also with the spinning tops (helicopters and tyres) that Oliver got for Christmas (and that we have not really played with due to needing HUGE open space) for what seemed like no time but that had actually been a few hours 🙂

We definitely look forward to returning to the Park at some time in the not too distant future…

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