Temperature confirmed :-(

The poor little soul did not have a good night at all – was warm enough already in the BEFORE his temperature soared 🙁 40.2 Celsius during the night and the calpol / ibruprofen was only just able to control it.

He has been much better today although this is only because of the aforementioned drugs managing away the symptoms.

He has very red tonsils and we note a couple of yellow spots have now appeared so we are hoping that this is just a viral bout of the dreaded tonsillitis. Assuming this is the case, he should be back to normal in a coupe of days – the bacterial form tends to be nearer the 5 days to a week before he is right again.

We are of course hoping that this timing is good and hence he will NOT have tonsillitis just before his operation on the 8th August….

Fingers crossed on all counts….

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