Would you believe that he has a temperature again….

Unbelievably, poor Olly has come down with a temperature this evening… :-(. It has only been three weeks since his last tonsillitis episode….

Anyway, we have been out on our bikes in a nearby dog walking field to rebuild the skills up and then we went out to the cinema to watch Despicable Me 2 – a fun movie and the kids loved it – well excepting the poor Olly was beginning to get his temperature towards the end of the movie.

Finally, the boys were training at the Ossett Martial Arts Academy tonight – they are both getting on really well with it – Olly managed 6 hops today (only managed 4 previously and is a key area that sir has been working Olly on) and Elly did some tremendous high kicks.

Hopefully Olly will get a good nights sleep and be feeling better tomorrow 🙂

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