Bruce drops a couple of significant needs….

Simon received an email from the Land Rover dealership this morning pointing out that his first MoT is due while we are away on holiday. So, in the discussion that followed (ie should we book it in or wait until we get back) we realised that he would fail the test because he needs new tyres :-(.

It became clear that we needed to make the tyre purchase happen sooner than we had planned so we did a quick bit of research and found that black circles have a pretty good deal for a Pirelli set – we found that the Pirelli is the current OEM tyre from Land Rover, so that helped in the decision making process easier. So, on Saturday morning, a local tyre fitter is going to install 4 new Pirellis for Β£900. The Continental tyres (existing ones) would have cost a little over Β£1000 and the Pirelli are apparently better in the wet and also should last a little longer while being quieter on the road πŸ™‚ So an all round win πŸ™‚

To top this all off, Bruce also has an expiring Warranty during the holiday – that’s a further Β£1045 – OR a Β£1045 chaser as Vicky called it πŸ™‚

Given the challenges with his brakes, we will more than likely get our money’s worth, so will pay the big bucks for that insurance cover πŸ™‚

Oh, the fun of owning a large SUV :-(. Good job he is a tremendous motor….

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