Elliot is in Class 2 Malaga next year

We had the Year 2 Information Evening last night to help educate the parents as to how the children will be integrated into their next year of school and what they will be learning etc when they get there.

Elliot is in 2 Malaga next year with Miss Price as his teacher.  He will be remaining with some of his current classmates (from 1C) but also will be joined by some of the children from 1S.  The relevance of Malaga (rather than the more traditional 2P which it probably would have been) is that the school have decided to teach Spanish as the second language in the Junior school, so in order to help push this forwards, all the class names will have some level of Spanish name – in this case Spanish places.

The children will be learning Spanish every day next year – somehting that daddy is quite pleased about because the typical language to teach in schools in the UK (from this age) is French.  Daddy would prefer either German or Spanish given these two languages feature so much higher (in his opinion of course) in the world of business – OK so he is generalising and is using his experience of business, but hey…

In fairness, most of the rest of the information is the same as they have presently – i.e. yellow record books for informal communications between parent and teacher and work books that contain their homework.  What we hadn’t realised is that the workbooks are actually colour co-ordinated to go with the children’s  relevant house.  Elliot’s is Red signifying Yonges – we hadn’t realised that until last night 🙂

All in all, he is set for a fun year next year – although it does mean that we are all going to have to learn Spanish 🙂

Oliver’s is on Monday…

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