and now the dog!!!

Oliver had another pretty poor night last night, although things changed slightly in that he was sick a few times – less good was the fact that he did it on his favourite green blanket 🙁

Anyway, today he does seem brighter and has not needed as much ibuprofen to keep the raging temperature under control, which is great news.

Last night Pepsi cried out in pain at around 8pm, but then settled again pretty quickly so while we were immediately thinking that we would be visiting Palmer and Duncan today (VET), we then believed that maybe not and that he has perhaps just twisted awkwardly as he lay down or something.  Anyway, we didn’t hear a peep out of him overnight (also fueling the second thought) but then were aware that he was less than keen to actually move about the house this morning.  He wouldn’t go outside first thing although did force himself to head over to the utility for breakfast – well he is a labrador and there is not much that will get between a lab and food 🙂

We think he just needs some rest as he can walk although limping a little and on this occasion it appears to be his front right leg that is the source of whatever pain he has 🙁

So, as you might imagine, it is all fun in the Rust household at the moment…

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